And 5,6,7,8...we encourage you to dance like no one is watching. 


To quote the PCDs 'When I grow up, I wanna be a star, I wanna be in movies'...well this may not have happened just yet, but this can sure help ya! Learn choreography and music video moves of an iconic artist in this commercial based dance class. Come and release your inner super star! You know you wanna...


At the barre, across the room and in the centre. Ballet you diverse little beaut. Improve technique through exercises and short sequences, whilst building strength and core stability. No ballet experience needed, but if you do have it, fab-you-lous. 


Find your sass, 'cos it's about to get all kinds of HOT DAMMMN. Wanna learn to dance in heels? Wanna improve your style in heels? Don't know what heels are? No panic we got ya. Get those shoes on and come strut your stuff. Learn commercial choreo to wow on the dance floor and feel hellllla confident. Get ready for a complete diva transformation...


It's time ladies. Your time.  Come and learn the art of Burlesque with 'House of Burlesque' regular; Trixie Kixx. Being a woman never looked or sounded so good, as you learn the foundations of burlesque focusing on posture, poise, tracing, teasing, walking in heels and body movement before learning a routine. You'll want to practise more in your bedroom mirror than ever, as you leave with new skills and a new sparkle in your eye!  


Using a combo of hip hop, street and commercial styles, you'll learn a fresh routine each week. Warm-up with stretches and a core-blast, then step-by-step you'll learn the choreography. The choreography is broken down, don't panic...we'll be with you every step of the way! Leave your stress at the door and come dance like no one is watching! Yes, smiles and fun are's not audition! Cue: searches for trainers.

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