Time really does fly when you're having fun, hun...


An invigorating dance-fitness workout where you'll learn easy to follow, simple choreography to some EPIC tunes. We'll chuck a combo of dance steps at ya, which you'll gradually link together in each song. Keep moving, dance like nobody's watching and work up one heck of a sweat. 


A high-intensity dance cardio workout inspired by the joyful, energetic sounds of Charleston, Swing, Gospel, Electro Swing and Hot Jazz. The music is so friggin' infectious you won’t even realise you’re sweating and panting away! You'll be lead through a series of über fun, follow-along moves and interactive choreography guaranteed to get you sweating, swinging and smiling. 


Un-barre-lievable. Work your full bod in this low-impact class, which brings elements of ballet and pilates together to tone, lengthen and strengthen your muscles. Absolutely no previous ballet experience needed to do the class, but tu-tu's encouraged. You get us? Let the leg burn commence.


DANCE meets REBOUNDING. Cast your minds back to a time when you spent (or wished you could spend) all your free time jumping on a trampoline in the garden. Or when you became BFFs with someone who had a trampoline, so this ‘trampolining dream’ could become a reality…Oh, it's no longer a memory, as we bound our way through choreography and “twerk-offs” in this invigorating sesh. Low impact, high energy, great for toning and works up an almighty sweat. Plus it also boosts the immune system - wahey!

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