Squat it like it's hot...


Strengthening and stretching in one class...uhhu honey, living the dream. Using a combo of body weight and equipment based exercises, you'll strengthen and tone some of the core (pun intended!) areas; arms, abs and ass. Finish up with deep stretches, where you'll hold postures for longer periods of time in a relaxed state for both body and mind. Think 'WHAM BAM thank you MA'AM' with a relaxation station, leaving you feeling all kinds of 'nama-slay'. 


Basically your modern day version of legs, bum and tums. Ya'll know what we're talking about. A mat-based class focused on strengthening and toning the three key areas. Body weight exercises and a bit of equipment should see you nicely along the way to 'oh Pam my legs are hurting today babe' kinda vibes.


A low-cardio sesh using body weight (and some dumbbells, if ya fancy...) exercises to strengthen and tone. Have no fear, this low impact class will work on all the key areas of your bod. Just because it's low impact and you're on a mat, it doesn't mean you won't work hard and work up a sweat. Trust us.


Where bands (of the resistance variety) and bodies, become buddies. Step up your strength and toning game with a little help from your old pal; Mr Resistance Band. Grab a resistance band (provided, obvs), pop out a mat and 'Bob's your uncle' he? Working through a range of core, glute, arm and leggy exercises...remember no pain, no gain!

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